DIY Coochie Steams!

Any kind of healing tenderness to the Cooch is of great benefit to humanity and the earth at large.  Treating vaginal issues can be challenging! Yeast, Bacterial vaginosis, and atrophy are all issues that are difficult to resolve.[...] Read More

Black Locust Vermouth

Black Locust trees (Robinia pseudoacacia, also called the false Acacia) are abundant in our Sierra Foothills, probably brought by the Europeans in the mining days. On my recent trip to Southern Cali I discovered them in my old stomping grounds, Topanga CA!![...] Read More

Day at the clinic with Anna {photo-blog}

Welcome to a visual tale of what happens behind the door of Anna’s office. You are encouraged to imagine the smells and feelings that come with it. Thank you to the lovely artist Kathy Frey for the photos![...] Read More

Spring Sorrel Soup, “Potage Germiny”

My first job beyond babysitting was at 12 years old at a print shop in San Francisco, HJ Carl & Sons, on Capp St. We constructed and deconstructed hug metal print plates of recipes for local restaurants, flyers, and posters every Saturday. Lunch was delivered warm from Jack’s restaurant, and every week we had creamy rich yet light lemony sorrel soup. I have tried to recreate it many a time, and I finally came close to duplicating it.[...] Read More

Violet Gelatine!

Violet Gelatine!


My favorite food to make for dear friends who are recovering from any major life transition is gello! I spell it with a “g” because it is different than our childhood treat. It is made with grass fed gelatin (available at HAALo) and because you can create your own amazing flavors as wild as your imagination can get. I am very into using seasonal medicinal plants in my food. In this blooming spring, the violets are out, in three colors, purple, fuschia(!) and white. They are everywhere around town on people’s lawns, roadside, wafting their sweet fragrance within a several feet distance from where they bloom. They impart their odor as flavor to all sorts of delicacies. I have two dear friends who are recovering, Megan from childbirth and Shea from major back surgery. They both need the same types of foods! Nutrient dense, easy to digest potent foods. So I have been feeding them gello.[...] Read More


WILD CALIFORNIAN ROSE HIPS, A.K.A. JIN YING ZI:  A Native Local and Traditional Chinese Plant Food Medicine![...] Read More

Anna Mama’s Postpartum Stew

Right before I was about to give birth to my firstborn Cypress, my dear sister friend and fairy godmother to our boys, Deborah Mahgen shared with me a Persian stew that contained fresh fenugreek. We both got so excited about this for postpartum for me! I made it right before giving birth, a huge batch with plenty for later. And immediately following Cy’s birth, it was the first thing I ate with yogurt. And I ate it throughout the first few weeks, and anytime I craved it. I still crave it. This recipe is a bit thicker than the traditional Persian version.[...] Read More

Monk Fruit…The Healing Low Glycemic Sweetener


When I was asked to create the Chinese herb pharmacy in our small town’s herb shop, HAALo, one of the first herbs I brought in was monk fruit. It has come to be known as Monk balls in our town because of its legendary use by the Guilin monks.  Monk fruit, a calorie free low glycemic index sweetener, has been gaining popularity as people strive to fulfill their sweet craving without spiking their blood sugar or gaining weight. Body Ecology’s Donna Gates recommends it as a sweetener that does not feed candida or other yeasts. It has been used in China safely for diabetics and obesity.[...] Read More

Pearly Everlasting is Bloomin!

If there isnt an essential oil of this plant, there should be.

The smell is of thick warm summer coming on, with sticky orange minty maple syrup fenugreek. When you see this plant I highly recommend stroking it and rubbing its perfume on your neck. It will be with you all day long. This is how I met Anaphalis margaritacea[...] Read More