Monk Fruit…The Healing Low Glycemic Sweetener



When I was asked to create the Chinese herb pharmacy in our small town’s herb shop, HAALo, one of the first herbs I brought in was monk fruit. It has come to be known as Monk balls in our town because of its legendary use by the Guilin monks.  Monk fruit, a calorie free low glycemic index sweetener, has been gaining popularity as people strive to fulfill their sweet craving without spiking their blood sugar or gaining weight. Body Ecology’s Donna Gates recommends it as a sweetener that does not feed candida or other yeasts. It has been used in China safely for diabetics and obesity. Read More

Verdant Cleavers Lemonade


Spring is green blooded time.  My eyes are inundated with verdant imprinting. My insides want to look and feel verdant too.  Verdant, verdant, verdant, I can’t stop saying that word! This spring greenness makes me feel joy, enlivening, and a quickening of my system.Cleavers, bedstraw, goosegrass, sticky willy, gripgrass, zhu yang yang is an herbaceous annual, low creeping and reaching plant.  It is starting to flower its tiny whites just about now, and will quickly dry up from the heat of (our early) summer. Read More