Acupuncture is a part of each treatment, applied based on the presentation of symptoms. There are several types of acupuncture I use: Yuan Qi Acupuncture, a classical system of acupuncture often used for acute and chronic pain, Scalp Acupuncture used for neurological illnesses, pain, trauma, anxiety, addiction and many other applications, and Eight Principle Acupuncture.

ESTIM, electro-stimulation can be included in a treatment, where leads of a tens machine are attached to the needles to add additional stimulation to the treatment to facilitate change in the body.


A Chinese Herbalist prepares a formula at Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital, China
Chinese Herbal pharmacy in action Sino Japanese Friendship Hospital

Classical Chinese herbal formulations are a primary part of my treatment protocol.
When I see a patient for the first time I take an extensive inventory of symptoms, and based on the Six Stages of Disease, and the eight guiding principles, I will make my diagnosis and a prescription of herbs. The patient will then take these herbs home and brew them into tea. When finished drinking the tea, they will return, and we will reassess the symptom picture. With each change of symptom, small or great, the herbs MUST change, to facilitate healing. The herbs are strengthening the body systems and reminding the body how to heal itself.







In my practice I frequently use and prescribe Moxibustion, a warming therapy using burning Artemesia douglasiana or vulgaris, mugwort, on or over specific points on the body to strengthen vitality, to ease pain, to chase cold, to regulate energy flow and to nourish deficiency of qi and blood.

Specifically, moxa is used to ease menses, strengthen digestion, flip a breech presenting pregnancy, increase energy and vitality.


Lighting direct moxa cone with incense

Direct moxa is the application of small rice sized cones of fluffy aged mugwort to particular areas that are considered portals on the body to our source qi. These rice cones are lit with incense and they burn til the patient feels a heat sensation at which point they are quickly removed. I generally apply 10 cones but sometimes up to 50 at one to two sites.











Moxa goggles are wire made glasses that allow one to treat their head with moxabustion.
Moxabustion is a heat therapy using mugwort over an area on the body or directly on the skin to promote circulation, resolve phlegm, and strengthen the resilience of all body systems.
When used over the eyes one can treat eye strain, so common in our over media-infused lives.
Through unhealthy diet and lifestyle, or constitutional weakness, our bodies will produce phlegm, which can lodge itself just about anywhere in the body.
When one has symptoms in the head, like anxiety, depression, circular thinking, overthinking, double vision, ocular degeneration, glauocma, chronic sinusitis and blocked sinus, foggy mind, dizziness, memory loss, or swelling of the head, for example, moxa goggles can be a great tool to clear up the phlegms in the head and bring clarity of mind and calm of the nervous system!
They are available at Spirit Farmer Acupuncture for $25!








Anna uses cupping in many of her treatments, and if you are afraid of needles, cupping is a great alternative to acupuncture. Cupping is beneficial for lymph cleansing, fertitlity, abdominal/digestive problems, any body pain, injuries and facelifts!

Healing does not have to be about pain, we have enough trauma and abuse in the world already. Your first appointment will be about one and a half hours long. We will review the intake form you filled out, and I will ask you in depth questions about your elimination, your daily habits, your psycho-emotional states, your cycle (if relevant). I will feel your pulse, and observe your tongue. These two tools allow me to witness how energy and fluids are moving through your body, and check for where the imbalance may be.  You will then receive acupuncture, where you will rest and let your body find its pleasure point, endorphin release, and from then on have a reference for feeling good. Cecilia Garcia said we needed to recall a pleasant moment or smell the pleasant aromas of California Sagebrush to give ourselves a springboard for healing.  You will rest for 30 minutes with the needles. After I have removed the needles, I may offer you some food suggestions and recipes that I feel will be supportive to your healing. I may make you an herbal formula as well. And we will continue treatment once a week, every other week, or monthly, depending on the situation until there is a shift to better health. I am available by email for questions that may come up in your healing process. Please dress in loose fitting clothes, and eat before your appointment.