Anna Werderitsch, L.Ac.

Anna Werderitsch, L.Ac.

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About Anna Werderitsch

Mother, wife, acupuncturist, folk herbalist, kitchen witch, medicine maker, wild plant forager, recipe writer, teacher and forever a student. The plants made me do it. They lead me into healing and alternative medicine.

At three years old, I gathered miner’s lettuce, chickweed, natsurciums, and other wild greens and flowers for our salads. I sought refuge in the woods behind our West Marin home, and opened wild cucumber pods, squished snowberries between my fingers, and mixed ceanothus blossoms with my spit to “wash” my hands with their honey scent.

The plants witness me, inspire me, speak to me, listen to me, and return me to myself when I am lost. I am forever grateful and in awe of their presence in my life. Using plants as medicine makes sure we are connected to and humbled by nature. I am in service to the plants and their survival. We have an ancient memory of being in harmony with nature, knowing what we can eat, what we can make tea out of, and what we can use to heal.

This memory has guided me through my life to remind me to remain in deep relation to nature, folk herbalism and the roots of healing.

Education and Accomplishments

Bachelor of Arts Degree

World Arts and Cultures, 1996, UCLA

Master’s Degree

I studied Chinese medicine at Yo San University and Emperors College, both in Southern California, and received my Masters degree from Emperor’s in 2002.

Jing Fang: Classical Chinese Medicine

A group shot of the interns with a statue of their teacher
Studying hard with Zhang Zong Jing (center statue), and Dr. Suzanne Robidoux (far Right), Beijing.

In 2015 I began studying “Jing Fang” with Doctor Suzanne Robidoux. Jing Fang can simply be defined as the study of classical Chinese herbalism, based on the philosophy of the Six Stages of Disease, and the eight guiding principles: i.e. the categorization of symptoms according to yin and yang; exterior and interior; heat and cold and deficiency and excess.

The philosophy and theory of Jing Fang comes from the works of Zhang Zong Jing (year 150-219, the end of the Han Dynasty), in his writings of the Shang Han Lun (Six Stages of Disease) and the Jin Gui Yao Lue (Essential Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet). The most contemporary practitioners of the Six Stages of Disease using the classical herbal formulations are Professor Hu Xi shu and Dr. Feng Shi Lun.

In 2016 I went to China to follow Dr Feng Si Lun in his clinical rounds, and learn his applications of the Six Syndrome Diagnostic methods and classical herbal formulas that were successfully used for treatments of a broad range of illnesses and diseases.

I am am deeply devoted to my practice and study of Jing Fang, as I have found these timeless applications of this method to be successful in treating our modern day illnesses.

In 2017 I began a two year intensive at the Jing Fang Academy with Dr Suzanne Robidoux.

Dr. Robidoux and Anna


I am in deep gratitude to Suzanne Robidoux and Dr Feng Shi Lun for their dedication and teachings of these ancient principles.


Internship with Dr. Feng Shi Lun and Dr. Robidoux in China, 2016

Dr Feng and Dr Robidoux discussing a formula in the Chinese Herb apothecary
Dr Feng Shi Lun and Dr Suzanne Robidoux


Dr Robidoux


A close up of the teacher, Dr. Feng
Dr Feng




I participated in a two-week intensive study on diagnosis and herbal medicine according to the Shang Han Lun, a two-thousand-year-old classical Chinese Medical text.

Every day we observed Dr. Feng in clinic giving effective herbal formulations for incredibly complicated cases.

This system is based on a symptom picture rather than a Western Medical diagnosis and is a more holistic way of treating clients. The system strengthens the body’s ability to resolve pathogenic forces and is a powerful healing modality.

I continue to deepen my studies with Dr Suzanne Robidoux, to deepen my skills in the art of JIng Fang.

HAALo (Healing Alternatives for All Locals) Volunteer

For four years I had my clinic in and volunteered at HAALo, a community herb shop which stands for “Health Alternatives for All Locals.” HAALo was pivotal in buoying me into my practice as I relocated myself from LA to Nevada City.

HAALo is an amazing resource of herbs and education from every herbal philosophy…Chinese, Ayurveda, Native and Western herbalism. Many of their herbs are grown locally. HAALo is a place where everyone can benefit from the empowerment, resourcefulness and use of plant based healthcare and self-care.


Studies with Cecilia Garcia, Chumash Medicine Woman

Cecilia, My Teacher
Cecilia Garcia

One of my teachers, Cecilia Garcia,  Chumash Medicine Woman inspired me to cultivate and share the wild within me. She passed over the Rainbow Bridge in May 2012. In our gatherings with Cecilia, we breathed, touched, tasted, bathed and slept with plants, and we always danced and we always sang.


She encouraged us to cultivate our sense of pleasure and to use pleasure as a springboard for healing, a reference point to always come back to when we feel pain of body or spirit. She taught me how to tolerate myself so that others can tolerate me.

I have deep gratitude for all my teachers, and all those healers that have come before me and shared their experiences and informed our current day herbalists and healers. I am an herbalist who uses plants that are available and plants that I love. I use my knowledge of the elemental energetics of classical Chinese medicine to make effective herbal remedies combining Chinese, native, and western herbs.

Co-Creator of the Well Woman Acupuncture

Well Women Acupuncture in Los Angeles, CA

As the co-creator of the Well Women Acupuncture philosophy, for eight years I supported women through fertility challenges, pregnancy, menopause, and healing through cancer with acupuncture, herbs, open ears and an open heart. I also taught and contributed to the Seed Fertility Program.


I am a contributing herbalist to the second edition of Living Wild, by Alicia Funk.



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